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We provide a focused approach to your requirements in all of our areas of practice. 
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Civil and commercial litigation requires the knowledge and experience that we bring  
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International Network of Boutique Law Firms
Hodder Barristers is the founding Toronto member firm of the International Network of Boutique Law Firms ("INBLF"). The INBLF is an organization of highly credentialed boutique law firms, founded in New York City. Each member firm, after a great deal of research, has been identified and hand-selected as outstanding in each firm’s respective field.
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At Hodder Barristers, Toronto Business Litigation Lawyers, we have served individuals and businesses in Toronto, Ontario, Canada and around the world by providing our clientele with quality legal advice and representation in all courts up to and including the Supreme Court of Canada.  meeting

Our lawyers and staff understand business and commercial law, but we also understand the practical and commercial aspects of business. When we provide legal advice to our clients, we always consider the economic and costs and benefits that will accrue through the use of that advice.

As a small firm that handles large legal matters, we respond quickly with legal advice aimed at obtaining practical results. We are proud of our ability to provide these results in a cost-effective manner.  Our goal is to see our clients grow and prosper.

Hodder Barristers is a proud member of the International Network of Boutique Law Firms

Our Legal Services

The business lawyers at Hodder Barristers maintain their position as business litigation in the domestic and international legal community with a focus on the primary practice areas required of small to medium scale businesses and organizations.

Collectively, the firm of Hodder Barristers provide effective legal counsel in the following practice areas:

Our Approach to your legal requirements.

Hodder Barristers diligently combine our extensive and well seasoned experience with that of our clientele's needs, by approaching and developing creative, problem-solving strategies with an aggressive stance that proves itself both masterful and dynamic in finding optimal resolution.

For any potential new clients, please contact Lacey Lee at 416-601-1312 or by e-mail: lmlee@hodderbarristers.com.